Students in the Egg Harbor Township school district have committed to a project for four years now called The National Anthem Project. This year was the National Anthem Project 4.0.

Their goal is simple: Set the record for the largest performance of the national anthem at a New Jersey school sporting event.

According to Joe Kelly from Cat Country 107.3, the performers included the Davenport Singers, Slaybaugh Singers, the Alder Avenue Middle School Choir, Band, and Orchestra, the Fernwood Avenue Chorus, Band, and Orchestra, The Miller School Singers, the Egg Harbor Township High School Band and Orchestra, the Egg Harbor Township High School Choir, and The Egg Harbor Township High School Cheerleaders.

See the video below:

The tradition continues to grow every year.

Here is the previous rendition from 2019, otherwise known as The National Anthem Project 3.0.

Compare that to the very first time they tried this:

At this rate, we'll be seeing all of South Jersey on the Egg Harbor Township High School football field.

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