This year's Sweets 16 ended with some landslides and some close calls. My heart weeps for Peeps as they were crushed by, of all candies, Chunky. Chunky? Yes, by 71% to 29%. Last year's champion Reese's Peanut Butter Cups dominated Twix 72% to 28%. The ultimate crushing loss belonged to the $100,000 Bar, falling to M&M's by 74% to 26%. Another matchup saw Whoppers over Goobers 66% to 34%.

More respectable losses came from Swedish Fish taking down Goldenberg's Peanut Chews 60% to 40%, surprising no one, and Take Five defeating candy corn to advance, 60% to 40%.

Nutrageous rallied in the end to overtake Good n' Plenty 53% to 47%, our closest competition. Interestingly the candy that some claim is New Jersey's favorite, Skittles, failed to deliver and fell to Starburst by 57% to 43%.

This brings us to our Edible 8. Vote for your favorite candy in each matchup and we'll see who advances to the Flavorful 4. This poll will be open until noon on Thursday, October 25.

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