OK, full disclosure here: I am not a football fan. I am, however, a huge fan of chicken wings. In fact, I've been known to go to Super Bowl parties just for the wings.

Sunday football is back, and if you haven’t yet thought of your go-to game day meal, you are doing something terribly wrong.

I am here to help, however, and provide you with the easiest game day recipe. This one is no other than a Sunday favorite, but a little more creative. Today you will learn how to make the ultimate game day wings, using nothing but an air fryer and your favorite sauces.

The first thing you want to do for this recipe is buy your wings. Choose any wing of your liking, as this recipe will work for a drum, flat or even a nugget.

Toss all of your wings in a little bit of baking powder, and place in the air fryer at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. While the wings are being cooked, you can prepare your sauces.

In the spirit of classic football wings, here are 3 sauces to kick off the year. The ingredients can be used to any quantity, it just depends on how many wings you are making.

  • 1

    Garlic Parmesan

    For this sauce all you need is garlic, butter and whatever spices and herbs you like. Cook your garlic into the butter, and once well combined stir in your parmesan. Once well combined, toss your wings in the mixture, top with more parmesan and set aside.

  • 2


    Buffalo wings really only require hot sauce, but you may want to combine it with some sort of butter sauce to intensify the flavor. Make sure you have some ranch on the side if you choose to make these.

  • 3

    Honey BBQ

    As a lover of all things sweet, this has always been my favorite sauce. All you need is butter, honey, and barbeque to make these delicious wings. Combine the ingredients over a high heat so that they simmer and become extra sticky.

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