If I told you you could earn $2,500 in cash and gifts without getting off your couch you might think Christmas came early.

The devil is always in the details, isn’t it? Here’s the offer.

Simply watch 12 Christmas movies in 12 Days and rank them according to factors like festivity, predictability, chemistry, tear-jerk quality and replay value. Then you’ll earn $2,000 and some extra goodies. Goodies like cocoa, UGG socks, a year-long subscription to Peacock and more.

(Photo: Michelle Henderson, Unsplash)
(Photo: Michelle Henderson, Unsplash)

So what’s the catch?

You can’t watch the great movies like “Elf” or “It's A Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story.” Heck, you can’t even watch “Die Hard.”

You have to watch sappy, dumb movies. You see, this offer is being put out by the website Bloomsybox and the 12 movies you have to watch are Hallmark Christmas movies.

You know, the ones with great titles like “Never Been Chris'd” (Best friends reconnect with their high school crush while home for the holidays. A love triangle unexpectedly forms and the three must take a look at their lives and their own values in friendship), and “Christmas With A Kiss” (A woman comes home to help out with her family’s Christmas Carnival, and romance ensues).

See, romance ensues in all these terrible Hallmark Christmas flicks. It’s always someone coming home for the holidays, often a successful big city career woman coming back home to a small town, and there’s always an old flame or an old friend or some guy, and the guy is usually wearing soft plaid flannel and at some point is seen chopping firewood or helping old ladies cross streets or some other device to demonstrate how wholesome he is.

It’s kitsch to the nth degree. These Hallmark movies are the same story with different names and scenarios. You can make a drinking game out of the predictable plot points. They’re fun to hatewatch. But that’s about it.

(Photo: BloomsyBox, Canva)
(Photo: BloomsyBox, Canva)

Actually, your 12 movies to get through, according to the website, are…

1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)
2. Crown for Christmas (2015)
3. The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014)
4. Christmas Getaway (2017)
5. Journey Back to Christmas (2016)
6. Ghosts of Christmas Always (2022)
7. Family for Christmas (2015)
8. Christmas Under Wraps (2014)
9. Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022)
10. A Royal Christmas (2014)
11. Northpole (2014)
12. The Christmas Train (2017)

Ah yes, let’s look at the plot of that first one on the list. “The Most Wonderful Time Of Year”…A hard-working, single mother falls for a stranger her father brings home for the holiday season.

Told ya.

So if you want to suffer through these awful movies for the $2,500 you’ll find detail here. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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