As much as some of you want to dropkick the governor, that’s not the Murphy we’re talking about it. Dropkick Murphys announced a show at Fenway Park in Boston that will also briefly feature Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen.

As you see a lot of firsts here. First time a band has done a full show in an empty stadium. First time a band at Fenway has played on the infield. Also interesting is that Bruce will be doing two songs with the band; one of his and one of theirs. Yet he won’t actually be there. Yes, he’ll be live, but he’ll be doing it remotely. I wonder how well that syncs up?

We won’t have long to wait before we learn. ‘Streaming Outta Fenway’ happens Friday May 29 and you can catch it starting 6pm ET on Dropkick Murphy’s Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and Facebook pages. It’s all for a good cause. They’re doing this to raise money for Feeding America, Boston Resiliency Fund and for Habitat For Humanity. You can donate by texting the word DONATE to 404-994-3559.

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