EVESHAM — Maybe he's not from New Jersey?

Police are looking for the person who punched out an attendant at a South Jersey gas station.

The driver of a late model Mustang or Camaro pulled up to the pumps at the 7-Eleven on Route 70 eastbound last Wednesday and began to pump his own gas, according to Evesham Police. When the attendant told him not to do that they began to argue.

It's against the law in New Jersey for motorists to pump their own gasoline.

A passenger in the car, also a male, got out and slugged the attendant in the face. The pair then drove off.

The attendant was not seriously injured, according to police.

New Jersey is one of only two states that legally prohibits drivers from pumping their own gas.

Evesham Police asked anyone who can identify the suspect to call 856-983-1116.

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