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Police want your help. This video is tough to watch. Taken by another driver, it shows a green Ford Explorer either deliberately or accidentally killing a flock of geese on Rt. 1, many of them babies. The goslings seem to have died instantly, but other geese hit were suffering according to David Maeng.

Maeng says he was driving on Rt. 1 in South Brunswick when these geese took to the highway. He believes the driver of the Explorer purposely killed the geese. "Cars were going slow and trying to avoid hitting them, so I also turned on the hassle (hazzard) lights and was pulling over to the shoulder. But then this SUV hits them. It was so inhumane! It was 8:20 p.m. at night and there was very little traffic. It could have been avoided if drivers slowed down."

In the video from it appears the driver who killed these birds did slow down after striking them, but then he took off again. Was there any legal responsibility to stop? It's tricky. If it were a domesticated animal such as a cat or dog your are legally required to stop. The South Brunswick police are looking into the law for clarity on this particular incident. The thing is, police will want to find this driver not because of taking off after hitting them but to ascertain if it was a deliberate act to begin with. That would be an animal cruelty charge.

If you know who's driving this car, the South Brunswick police would like you to call them at 732-329-4646.

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