A great local donut shop was honored by being named the beat in the entire state, and it's a well-deserved title.

There are amazing donut shops all over Monmouth and Ocean counties, and we each have our favorites, but some national attention has been placed on a great donut shop in Toms River that anyone who has been to has fallen in love with.

Congratulations this morning are in order for our good friends at Uncle Dood's on Robbins St. in Toms River for being named the best donut shop in New Jersey by the national website 24/7 Tempo in an article published yesterday (1/11/22).

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We're going to get to the delicious and unique donuts in just a minute, but I also want to take the time to say that the people at Uncle Dood's are some of the nicest, hard-working people around, and I couldn't be happier for them about this honor.

Now, to the donuts. They are made fresh, they are always delicious and each different flavor will bring you back to your childhood with the flavors of peanut butter and jelly, candy bars, cookies, and more.

Just check out some of the names on the menu. Bed Rockin', Grave Dirt, and Werewolf Fuzz. You just know they have to be amazing.

If you're looking to treat your office, or your friends and family, get to Uncle Dood's and get them a real treat. And try everything on the menu. My personal favorite is the Bed Rockin', so give it a try, but don't eat them all!

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