Some people might think it's "all about the money" as it often is in New Jersey concerning fines, especially when it comes to driving laws. Not so in the little historic village center of Allentown.

Cars and trucks use Main Street as a shortcut and regularly go way above the 25 and 30 mph speed limits. So the Borough Council has instituted a new law in that "speed enforcement zone."

If you get a ticket in that stretch on County Road 524, which is Main Street in Allentown, you will be required to make an appearance in court. Signs will be posted warning of the consequences.

Good for Allentown!

Speed limits in residential and business districts are set lower for a reason. A boy was killed on our street years ago and people still talk about it today. The speed limit is 30 but people often go 45 to 50 mph. It's a county road and people just feel comfortable going that fast.

You can understand why people want to go faster than 25 or 30 mph, but consider the people who live there and have businesses on that main road. We can be a cynical bunch here in New Jersey, especially when it comes to any level of government, but sometimes you have to read deeper than the headline or the road sign.

If enough people get nailed for speeding in Allentown and have to go to court or read the signs, maybe it will be safe again to cross the street in the historic village of Allentown.

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