ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — A Monmouth County woman is upset at how a pet daycare facility handled an attack by two pit bulls that left her dog with “hundreds” of stitches on his body and head.

Rachel Padula on her Facebook page said two "vicious-looking" silver pit bulls were "barking uncontrollably" when she arrived Friday morning at  Dogs on the Farm & Cats, Too in Atlantic Highlands with her dog Ace.

It was a place Ace considered to be his second home and despite her hesitancy, Padula left her dog, she wrote.

"Not even two hours later I got a phone call that Ace got ‘hurt’ but not to be concerned, they had it handled and I shouldn’t be too worried about it," Padula wrote.

Padula posted pictures of Ace wearing a cone around his head with wounds to his chest, head and shoulders that exposed a bone. Ace was taken to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital where he was in surgery all day.

Padula's anger at the dog daycare center comes from their refusal to tell her the name of the pit bull owners and a snafu over payment of the initial surgery. She told CBS New York that the vet would not let her take Ace home over payment for surgery. The daycare center paid the bill only after Padula said she nagged them.

"I am shocked and disgusted at the way Dogs on the Farm & Cats, Too has handled this situation thus far, considering how loyal of a client I have been throughout the years," Padula said.

"Ace" after being attacked at a dog care facility
"Ace" after being attacked at a dog care facility (Rachel Padula)

We all love Ace

Dogs on the Farm owner Karen Leipzig told New Jersey 101.5 that Ace has played with the pit bulls numerous times without incident in his five years coming to the center. While staff keeps a close eye on all the dogs in person and via webcams, Leipzig said they cannot guarantee that injuries will never occur.

Leipzig said that after the attack the pit bulls were separated and Ace's injuries were evaluated. He was taken to the vet and Padula was notified.

"We then waited with the owner at the vet until we were sent away, then paid the entire bill as soon as we received it. The vet described the injuries as a moderate dog bite and he was sent home the same day," Lepizig said.

Lepizig told CBS New York that the pit bulls have been banned from the center.

Padula on Thursday afternoon did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

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