MONTCLAIR — The dog seen on video being taken from a car in Montclair, then thrown out onto the street during a hectic road rage-style fight, is doing OK.

The dog "appears fine" and is going to a veterinarian Monday, Matt Stanton of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals told New Jersey 101.5 in an email. He said late Sunday an SPCA officer was on the way to interview a driver involved in the incident.

So far, police haven't released the names of anyone involved, or detailed any of the circumstances. Both Stanton and Montclair Animal Control Officer Michele Shiber first became aware of the incident after video was uploaded to the sharing site Sunday.

It hadn't been clear from the video if the dog survived the incident.

Caution: The video below includes profanity and violence.

In the video, two cars are seen on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair — a red Honda angled toward a white Toyota. Two people, apparently the drivers, are fighting. A man in a short-sleeved shirt with light hair and sunglasses first falls as he lunges toward another, with darker, longer hair, and a long-sleeved shirt.

"What's your f---ing problem?" the man with the short sleeves yells as he continues moving toward the man with the long sleeves, then grabs and shoves him. The man with the long sleeves tells the person recording the incident — apparently seated in another car — "record that."

As the man with the short sleeves returns to the driver's side of the Toyota, the man with the long sleeves goes to the passenger side, opens a door and throws a dog out, toward the sidewalk. The dog scurries back as the man with long sleeves gets back into his Honda and then drives away.

It's not clear in the video what becomes of the dog. Some commenters on reddit and other sites said it looked to them like the dog had gotten back to the man with the short sleeves and been picked up. Others thought the dog was run over by the Honda as it pulled away. Staton's message didn't specify whether the dog was hit.

Throughout the video, a male and female voice are heard yelling inside the car from which the incident is being recorded.

"The dog's going to die!" the female voice yells at one point. "Oh my God,.Oh my God. Why'd he do that to this dog?"

It's also not clear from the video when it was recorded, or what may have led up to the altercation. Calls to Montclair Police and Shiber Monday hadn't yet been returned, though police said on their Facebook page they're aware of and investigating the incident.

The driver with the long sleeves had what appeared to be a Lyft sticker on the pack of his vehicle Alexandra LaManna, a spokesperson for the company, said the driver wasn't on a trip for Lyft at the time.

"We are shocked and horrified by what we saw in this video," she wrote in an email to New Jersey 101.5. "While this did not happen on the Lyft platform, we permanently deactivated the individual after learning of his truly cruel behavior; he will never again be able to use Lyft."

She said Lyft was ready to work with local authorities investigating the incident/

A person who contacted New Jersey 101.5 Sunday said he recognized the man who threw the dog as a driver for a local restaurant, and provided the station with a partial name. New Jersey 101.5 has not been able to confirm that information, or the claims of several other online commenters who said they believe they'd identified the man.

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