If you talk to most people in New Jersey, they think that Murphy is too powerful, cunning and well-funded to be defeated. People also think he has the support of all of the public unions that will push them across the finish line no matter what. If you do the math, there aren’t enough public worker union loyalists for him to mathematically win the race.

However, many families in New Jersey have at least someone in the fold but has a public sector job. Traditionally Democrats who supported the public sector unions and their members have been loyal to Democratic candidates. In the case of Murphy however, his views are so far left so antithetical to work most decent hard-working people, be there private or public sector, believe in that there could be a chance.

I’ve met with Jack Ciattarelli and he is a solid, viable candidate. He’s got all the credentials that would make him not only a good candidate but a great governor. He served in government on the municipal county and state level and term limited himself each time he held office. He also started and sold two successful businesses here in New Jersey.

He is running against a guy who is so carelessly and recklessly damaging the state for his own political gain, that it should not only be a possibility that he wins but imperative.

Murphy is not only incredibly wealthy but also tremendously cunning, ambitious and a ruthless politician. He is indeed a wolf in sheep‘s clothing. This state and this governor's office is only a steppingstone for his naked ambition for more power and higher office. He is smart enough to come off like an even tempered, calm and steady leader, but he’s just a power-hungry leftist who doesn’t care awake about the residents of the state.

If you’re too partisan, blind or unaware to realize that, then there’s no convincing you otherwise.

If you, your children or your grandchildren have a chance to remain in the state and a productive and stable environment, he must go in November. It is true that New Jersey is a blue state. But in governors' races it’s been more of a purple state. Republicans who have won have done so by narrow margins but it is absolutely possible ... and imperative in this case.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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