A few years ago I invited a guest into the studio to well, talk to the dead. Her name is Cindy Kaza and she's a medium.

'Evidential Medium' Cindy Kaza. Cindy was a great guest, taking her craft very seriously and involving everyone in the studio. There were skeptics (Jay Black) and volunteers willing to go along and see if Cindy could actually "speak" with their dead relatives... - Bill Spadea via nj1015.com

The question is whether you have ever had a medium in your home and attempted to "contact" the dead.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to things like this. What got me thinking about it was we confirmed through our neighbors that the last homeowner who lived in our home, died on the property.

According to several people who knew him and knew the story, we're confident that he died sitting in a chair outside the house.

We've heard conflicting stories about how he passed. Some say he took his own life. Others say he had a heart attack and died with a newspaper and a cup of coffee next to him. Several have said that his body was there for a few days before someone noticed and called the police.

Robin Jonathan Deutsch via Unsplash
Robin Jonathan Deutsch via Unsplash

Either way, there is no strangeness about our home. No odd noises, no extra creaks, and unexplained cabinets opening and closing on their own. The house is calm and I'm confident that it's not haunted.

That said, I am slightly curious what a medium would determine if we had a meeting in the spot where he passed. I reached out to Cindy to see if I could book her again. I'll keep you posted when I hear back!

For now, do you believe?

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