You truly never know what you're gonna get when you tune into the morning show. Today I was joined by Senator Kip Bateman to talk about NJ taxes, former soccer star Colleen Williams and 'Evidential Medium" Cindy Kaza. Cindy was a great guest, taking her craft very seriously and involving everyone in the studio. There were skeptics (Jay Black) and volunteers willing to go along and see if Cindy could actually "speak" with their dead relatives... I appreciate that Karen Wood, Jill Myra and Kathy Wagner stepped up to participate in the "reading". In a few days, the off air reading will be available on this page...stay tuned, it gets personal.

Today what really jumped out for our listeners was a caller who lost her husband last year at the young age of 37. She was eight months pregnant with another little one at home. She claims she was able to "talk" with her dead husband through a medium shortly after he died. I asked her if she thinks it was real or if she just missed him so much she wanted it to be real. It was a very emotional exchange. I want to thank Cindy for joining us and encourage you to see her tonight performing at the Stress Factory. Tickets are available HERE.


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