The divorce rate here in New Jersey is significant. New Jersey is ranked in the top five in the country for the most divorces.

A new study by looked at United States Marriage and Divorce trends in all fifty states.

New Jersey ranks third in the country with a 15.6% divorce rate which is high, extremely high. The “experts” say that the rate is high because we are the most densely populated state and pay the highest tax rates.

Those two factors can cause stress when paying bills here in New Jersey.

Another factor that they say may contribute to divorce here in New Jersey is that we are nestled between two major cities, New York, and Philadelphia, where the temptation may be increased for marital infidelity or indiscretions.


I do agree with the “experts” in the fact that here in New Jersey there are many factors that contribute to stress which can contribute to difficulty in a marriage. Just the traffic alone, commuting hassles, and proximity of neighbors living on top of each other can cause stress.

The fact that your property taxes may go up and the interest rates are high coupled with an increase in goods like groceries and household needs all point to more stress. Sometimes there must be a release of that stress and that release falls upon your spouse.

The fact that “experts” say because we are close to two major cities that can cause infidelity is ridiculous.

Temptation is around us every day, we do not have to hightail it to New York or Philadelphia to suddenly be struck with infidelity.

It can happen down the street, in the next town at local events, and at your local job.

Do not be intimidated by the fact that we have a divorce problem here in New Jersey. Be aware that we have higher stress levels that can contribute to the demise of a marriage. Remember love is grand, divorce is a hundred grand!

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