How is it OK for one of the premier online retailers in the world to promote products that are encouraging violence against police officers?

A caller to my New Jersey 101.5 morning show mentioned a T-shirt for sale on Amazon this morning proclaiming “Blue Lives Murder.” I thought that there was no way that it wasn't just internet trolling and fake news. No chance the place I buy all my home products could possibly allow for such a hateful, negative and dangerous message to be promoted. So I checked. Sure enough, there it was. A blue T-shirt for sale from a company listed as “Good Looking Corpse” proclaiming that cops are murderers.

This after the outrageous support of accused rapist Jacob Blake by pro-sports players like NFL QB Drew Brees, who adorned his helmet with the perp's name as a show of solidarity with the agitators in BLM and the criminals in Antifa. If you are a normal person, black or white or anything in between, you know that any call for racial justice has to be accompanied by a healthy dose of reality that skin color does not absolve you from criminal activity. Maybe someone should tell the NFL and Amazon.

If you think police, who step up everyday to keep communities safe, are the problem, then you are the problem. Look at the violence across NYC, Chicago, Oakland and Portland? Do you think that fewer cops makes the situation more calm? Do you have any idea what it’s like for a cop to get up for work, knowing they will have to enforce the law and keep the peace and if the criminal suspect is not white, the media will pounce and cry racism first? This is a dangerous trend that must be stopped.

Please send your complaints to Amazon and expose the disgusting, cop-hating, potentially life-threatening marketing campaign that is making all of us less safe and putting blue lives in direct danger.

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