Do diets work? Can you really lose ten pounds in three days? Our own producer Kristen and news team member Jen Ursillo are putting what's called the "Military Diet" to the test.

Starting on Tuesday, they will be limiting themselves to a strict diet of peanut butter, toast, tuna, grapefruit and eggs. A few other things on the menu as well, including ice cream...don't get too excited though, it ain't much. Take a look. Thinking back to my days in the Marines, this diet actually sounds pretty good.

I caught up with Kristen and Jen Tuesday morning as they started with a half grapefruit, one cup of black coffee, one slice of multi-grain toast and two tablespoons of peanut butter. They have three meals on each of the three days of the diets. Jen is confident it will work...Kristen...well, she's the skeptic of the group for sure. We'll check in on progress and, of course, how well they are able to maintain a good mood throughout!

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