Axe throwing has been growing as a recreational activity in New Jersey with places like Bury the Hatchet and Down the Hatchet opening, and competitive leagues forming. Then the quarantine came along; what’s an axe thrower to do? Start a virtual competition, of course.

Axe throwers in New Jersey and throughout the world are competing in the Quarantine Axe Throwing League from their own homes. According to WABC New York, axe throwers like Steve Malvey of Burlington are competing through Instagram, Zoom, and other platforms. QATL founder Mario Zelaya told Channel 7 that over 300 people have joined the league and built their own axe targets in places like their backyards, garages, and basements.

Typically, axe throwing competitions are in person events, but the popularity of the virtual league has ensured that it will survive after the pandemic. Zelaya told WABC that “we are 100% going to keep this league going forward.”

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