We spent an hour Monday talking about the strange case of Eni Entchev, a 27 year old New Brunswick man who has only known America as his home yet was deported Thursday night. Ironically he reported to the Immigration and Customs office in Newark for a routine check-in trying to stay on the right side of the system when he was suddenly not allowed to leave. He has now been sent back to Bulgaria, a country he knows nothing about and who's language he does not even speak.

At the end of the hour his father Atanas Entchev appeared on the show to explain a bit of the 20 year immigration odyssey his family has dealt with. He says his son had actively been trying to earn his U.S. citizenship contrary to the assumption of many callers. Atanas says they are heartbroken but by no means finished. They are working to bring Eni back to the only country he's ever known as home. Read more of their story in Atanas' blog here. You'll also view the GoFundMe page he set up for his son here.

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