I met Governor Murphy the other day. He had no idea who I was.

That's fine with me. Judi and I had just spent an hour being pretty critical of him in our sarcastic way, just minutes before on our show, as he was heading to the station for his first appearance on New Jersey 101.5 Just a minor indication of how outside of New Jersey and out of touch with this state he really is.

He's an outsider from Massachusetts and a multi-millionaire whose last gig was Ambassador to Germany, due to his massive contributions to the Obama Presidential campaign. Nice work if you can get it. Yesterday, he unveiled his budget and his plans to raise a number of taxes.

No surprise, he promised to do so during his campaign....and he won!

I was no fan of Christie after he failed to come through and gave up on us long suffering, over taxed fools in this state. Many people felt the same way. Even though Kim Guadagno wasn't Christie, the voters were fed up and wanted a change. A change back to uncontrolled spending and taxation that has led us to be the most over taxed state in the country.

Murphy says the "middle class has been hollowed out." Yes, who hollowed it out Governor Murphy? Politicians with the same stupid ass, save the world, pander to government unions, give free stuff to people, pie-n-the-sky promises that have devastated our state. This guy is in for a rude awakening by the end of his term when even more hard working middle class people pack up and flee this state, when it becomes even more unaffordable than it already is.

Why did we elect such a guy? Money. He spent tons of it and promised the public unions more of it. Those folks will leave too, when retirement time comes, and the checks get deposited into their accounts in Delaware or the Carolinas. In the meantime, the rest of us struggle to hang on in a state where we grew up and raised families and hate to leave. But many of us will, and many have already done so. This will be a disaster worse than Superstorm Sandy and the recovery will take far longer.

If I'm wrong, and I'm pretty certain I'm not, I'll have him on the air for as long as he wants, any time he wants and kiss his ass. This little performance here is an audition for a bigger stage on the national scene. Oh, he'll work hard and he'll try and say the right things to the right people, but if he taxes and spends the way he says, we're all in for a rough four years.

Even the Senate President Steve Sweeney from his own party sees he's on a collision course with fiscal disaster. He might be the only hope we have for this thing not going over a cliff. Imagine that? Steve Sweeney the voice of reason in the State House.

So, how can we be this stupid? Because people acted on emotion, not on reason. People acted on their own self interests (public unions) and not the good of the future of this state. Like I said, I met him the other day. He was very polite, very personable, very friendly and very out of touch with what the majority of this state really wants and needs.

You can blame the voters, Chris Christie and every electorate and administration for the last 50 years here. If you wanted a fix, this guy ain't it. If you wanted an absolute sh*t show, you've got a front row seat!

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