Cesar Millan, the man who gives you the most amazing tips on how to train your dog, called in to the Dennis and Judi show this afternoon (3/5).

See Cesar Millan at the NJPAC on March 10th
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Cesar called in, in advance of his show this coming Sunday, March 10th at the NJPAC in Newark, where Dennis will be the emcee for the event.

Dennis and Judi discussed a multitude of topics with Cesar Millan, including Cesar's background and how he got started training dogs. Dennis mentioned how much he enjoys watching Cesar's show 'Leader of the Pack' and how he frequently references Millan and Cesar's show on the air.

You can listen to the first part of that interview in the audio player below:

When Dennis and Judi came back from a quick break, they had some fun with Cesar and took a few calls from listeners, who are having troubles with their dogs. Cesar offered advice to the callers and discussed the importance of dog owners offering affection to their dogs at the right time as one of the keys to having an obedient pet.

You can listen to the second part of that interview here:

If you are a fan of Cesar Millan, remember to pick up your tickets to his show, this Sunday 3/10,  which will be hosted by our Dennis Malloy at the NJPAC, by clicking HERE.


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