Autumn Urling owns Minority Heritage Mortgage, which was called First Prestige Mortgage when she started the business 24 years ago in Newark.

In 2007 she moved the business to Montclair and has been happily serving the public since then.

The challenges she has faced have been in line with so many businesses in the Garden State: trying to stay above water as the government continues to pile on regulations, taxes and mandates.

Autumn has spent her career using her company to help seniors struggling with affordability in the Garden State. She was hit with an illness that had her on bed rest for nine months. This was a critical blow to her long-standing company.

She applied for government assistance and, after all, you pay enough taxes and the spending keeps going up so you'd think if you were in trouble some of your own money would come back to you. No luck. Rejected for SBA loans, EIDL loans, and everything in between.

Autumn did what anyone might do in her situation. She called her congressman, assemblywoman and mayor. All either ignored her or passed the buck to someone in the office where the request eventually died.

One of her takeaways was that as much as these politicos want to use race as a political tool, acting as if all minorities vote for them regardless of the results they produce, it's based on the sweet nothings they broadcast in ads and literature.

When it comes down to it, many business leaders and voters have been duped into supporting elected officials because they are quick to play the race card and vilify, with ZERO facts, opponents who are not liberal Democrats.

For at least one minority-owned business led in NJ, those days are over. If you want to help this small business and help yourself or a family member struggling with mortgage payments click HERE.

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