Whatever you think of Robert De Niro's acting ability and his dedication to his craft, there's not a whole lot to be said to excuse what he's done this week. He stood on a stage Sunday night at the Tony Awards and said, "f#@% Trump" twice and raised his arms in the air like a feeble, crazy old man. Then the next day in Toronto he apologized to the Canadians for his president's idiotic behavior, calling it a disgrace.

What is a disgrace is De Niro's irrational behavior and childish conduct. It's hard to put up a solid defense for someone like President Trump given his track record of outrageous statements over the years, but he is the President of The United States. Imagine if anyone famous had said similar things about President Obama and an entire room of wealthy, famous people stood up to cheer. Unimaginable! The main stream media would be criticizing it for years! It wouldn't happen.

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Yes, he had many critics, myself included. But what we knew was that the office needs to be respected and our fellow citizens who voted for him, no matter how emotionally or senselessly driven their motives, there were lines not to be crossed. With Trump, it's different. He has a wide array of detractors in media, in Hollywood, in politics and in the general public. Because he's perceived as evil, there are no boundaries for some of his critics. However, someone who is held in high regard, someone with maturity like Robert De Niro should know better and should behave better. It only serves to drive the country even further apart.

By what he did, and he should know this, he's saying "f#@& you" to everyone who voted for him or even wants to give him a chance. If you think Trump's behavior is disgraceful, De Niro just topped it. I learned long ago that if someone on the other side is hurling insults and profanities at you, they're out of ideas to fight against you. It's the last resort of a defeated, cowardly person.

I'm sure if he placed a call to one of his contacts, he could get a meeting with the President in a heartbeat. Present your objections or your ideas. But preening to a crowd that shares the same vitriol, malice, and lack of ideas is easy and cheap. Should we expect more from a guy who's lived an insulated, privileged life for decades? Of course not. But De Niro should expect more from himself as a human being. Hey Bobby, when you say "f#@& you" to Trump, you're saying it to everyone who wants him and our country to succeed. I have one question Bobby: "You talking to me"!

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