Video is NSFW due to language

I don’t watch the Tony Awards. Nothing against Broadway or the tremendous talent. I just care less and less about any awards show the older I get. Somewhat because they seem so self-aggrandizing. And somewhat because of how preachy and political they can get. No offense, but just because you act or sing for a living doesn’t mean I respect your political views more than those of a guy who fixes cars or a woman who works in a factory. Maybe less actually, because you’re less able to relate to struggles.

I’ve made no secret of how I feel about President Trump. I was very disappointed John Kasich did not win the Republican nomination as that’s who I would have voted for. My vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson was on principal because I couldn't support either candidate the Republicans or Democrats put forward. Yet as frustrated as I am with Trump and as much as I have pointed out his negatives, I would never curse him out the way De Niro did.

I can’t imagine resorting to the base language Robert De Niro used at the Tony Awards. He took the stage and apropos of nothing he started by cursing out the president. You may have only heard the bleeped out, censored version. While knowing what he said is one thing, to hear it unbleeped is something else. Make sure you’re not near children or anyone sensitive to profane language and listen to the uncensored version. Notice how he not only gets a huge round of applause but actually many start giving him a standing ovation. For cursing out a president. Then tell us what you think in the poll below.

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