With Halloween right around the corner, Deminski and Doyle want to hear your pick for your favorite horror movie of all-time. Jeff's favorite horror movie is Night Of The Living Dead, but Bill doesn't have a favorite. He claims he doesn't get scared easily, so maybe one of your picks will do the trick.

Here are some of the favorites our callers chimed in with:

Ray from Rahway - Seven
Vicki from Berkeley Heights - Meet Frankenstein
Scott from Glassboro - Signs
Jeff from Toms River - I Am Legend
Carrie from Medford - Last House On The Left
Bill on the Parkway - The Exorcist
John from North Brunswick - The Hills Have Eyes
Carly from New Brunswick - The Stranger
Anthony on I-287 - Vacancy
Phil from Montvale - The Shining

What is your favorite horror movie? Share your choice in the comment section below.