Here's another hour of our life that we'll never get back. The hour you set your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time. If only it could stay that way. The idea, conceived by Benjamin Franklin, is to make better use of the daylight. It's ideas like this that get a bridge named after you!

Some say Franklin was being satirical about saving money on candles. Who knows how many more discoveries Franklin could have made if he spent more time outdoors? Perhaps he was like flying his kite in the late afternoon when he discovered electricity? Nevertheless, I'm totally on board with this. Why would we need to change it back?

I love having daylight longer. Standard time is just adds to the depression that is winter. Who wants darkness at 5pm? You feel like your day is over before it's even begun.

You just feel better when it's light outside. Kids can play outside longer. You can do more things after work like running or going to the park or walking along the beach. Businesses would profit from the extra walk up traffic even if it is colder.

Now Daylight Savings Time is getting too confusing. Some states like Hawaii and Arizona do not observe it, meanwhile the Florida legislature voted to send Governor Rick Scott the "Sunshine Protection Act" to ask Congress if Florida could move to DST year round. That would make sense for "The Sunshine State"

I think it makes sense for all of us. Let's all agree to keep Daylight Savings Time, enjoy our longer warmer afternoons and be done with jerking our body clocks around twice a year.

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