🚨 Former cop accused of hacking women's social media

🚨 Indictment says he distributed private nude photos

🚨 As many as 20 victims may be involved

A former police officer in Mount Laurel has been indicted for allegedly hacking the social media accounts of several women and girls, downloading private nude photos and then forwarding them to the victim's contacts.

Burlington County Prosecutor LaChia L. Bradshaw says a 91-count indictment has been returned against Ayron Taylor, 24, of Moorestown.


Bradshaw says the investigation began in September 2022 after the initial victim contacted Evesham Township police to report that her Snapchat and Facebook accounts had been hacked by an unknown person.

Ayron Taylor Mugshot Burlington County Prosecutor
Ayron Taylor Mugshot
Burlington County Prosecutor

It is alleged that it was Taylor who accessed those accounts, and then sent nude photos the victim had taken of herself to her contacts and posted those photos on her social media accounts.

As many as 20 additional victims have been identified, all women and girls.

Because some of the victims were juveniles, Taylor is also facing charges of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Distribution of Child Pornography, according to the prosecutor.

All the victims had one thing in common

According to investigators, all of the victims had one thing in common.

Investigators determined all of the women hacked by Taylor had student email accounts through Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC).

Prosecutors also say Taylor illegally accessed approximately 5,000 RCBC email accounts.


Taylor was employed as an officer for the Mount Laurel Police Department at the time the alleged crimes were committed, resulting in official misconduct charges.

However, investigators say he used personally owned electronic devices during that time, not anything that belonged to the police department, to commit his crimes.

An arraignment will be held March 11 in Superior Court in Mount Holly, and the case will then be scheduled for trial.

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