Another FUN running of the annual Neighborhood Tractor Race is in the books!

Pre-race on the deck. (Craig Allen photo).

It's the neighborhood social event of the year...the "Pre-Race" party on the deck...

"Super Soakers" are in vogue! (Craig Allen photo).

...and the kids (and a few brave adults) brave the cool pool water...

YUMMY! (Craig Allen photo).

...and there's plenty of food to fuel the racers...and spectators.

In the meantime...

"On the line." (Craig Allen photo).

...the racers jockey for position on the starting line.

Thumbs up! (Craig Allen photo archives).

I'm in it...not to win it. I won the race trophy in 2011.

All afternoon, the excitement has been building!

Moments away from the starting signal! (Craig Allen photo archives).

And, we're OFF!

It's ON! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Did I mention that super soakers and water balloons are not only allowed during the race...

I'm getting pelted...while running the gauntlet! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...but ENCOURAGED...for both the racers and spectators?!

It's all about the FUN! (Craig Allen photo archives).

No one is...dry...

"FedEx Pat" is all smiles. (Craig Allen photo archives).

...and then there's...

"Sorry, Steve!" Not really. (Craig Allen photo archives).


BRRRR!  I'm FREEZING! (Craig Allen photo archives).

You get the idea.

So, we party for a few hours...race for about 9 minutes...

Congratulations Fred...our 2019 winner...who also won a few years ago. Repeats happen! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...the trophy is awarded...

THIS trophy LIGHTS UP the night! (Craig Allen photo).

...and, we party into the night!

"The 'hood!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

I live in a GREAT neighborhood!

PLEASE, let's all remember, and honor, those who sacrificed for our freedom. (Craig Allen photo archives).