Did you know...or do you remember...that "Two Hearts" comes from a movie soundtrack?

A movie starring Phil Collins.

"Huh?" you say. That's part of the Fun...Facts!

Phil Collins started out as the drummer in the band "Genesis," and became the lead singer upon the departure of Peter Gabriel (who also has songs among "Jersey's Favorite Hits").

"Face Value" on CD, 1981 (Craig Allen photo).
"Face Value" on CD, 1981 (Craig Allen photo).

Phil Collins would become a household name (and face) with the release of his first solo album, "Face Value" in 1981...which includes the song "In The Air Tonight."

More albums and hit singles in New Jersey (and across the world) would make Phil a very HOT property, not only as a singer and drummer, but as an actor...

...by the time we get to our spotlight song!

Phil Collins is ON New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).
Phil Collins is ON New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).

"Two Hearts" was written for the movie "Buster."

In the ill-fated flick...

From the "Buster" soundtrack liner notes. (Craig Allen photo).
From the "Buster" soundtrack liner notes. (Craig Allen photo).

...Phil Collins is train robber Buster Edwards.

"Buster"...the CD...in the NJ101.5 studio CD player! (Craig Allen photo).
"Buster"...the CD...in the NJ101.5 studio CD player! (Craig Allen photo).

Lamont Dozier produced "Two Hearts" and wrote the music. Phil Collins wrote the lyrics.

As part of the famous (Motown) writing team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, Lamont Dozier wrote twelve #1 hits for the likes of the Supremes and Four Tops!

Collins and Dozier had met at one of Phil Collins' concerts, and they stayed in touch. When Phil signed on to do "Buster"--which is set in the 1960's--it was a natural to reach out to Lamont Dozier to craft some new songs...with a 60's feel!

For Collins, who has long expressed his love for the "Motown Sound," writing with Dozier was a thrill: "I grew up with Lamont's music," and "he's written some of the best songs, and to have my name next to his at the bottom of the song credit means a lot to me."

"Two Hearts" would go all the way to #1 on the "Hot 100" on January 21, 1989.  It would hold the top spot for 2 weeks (as Casey Kasem would say).

"Two Hearts" would halt its climb on the UK (England) charts at #6...

So, stateside, it would be Phil Collins' sixth #1 solo hit, and his fifth hit as a songwriter. For Lamont Dozier, it would be his 14th...and last..#1 hit.

As you can see, there were two music videos for the song, both made by director Jim Yukich...

One has Phil Collins (playing the film editor) watching himself performing with his band on TV, while his editor's screen shows clips from the movie. And, yes, Phil is playing all the band members! GOOD EYE!

Collins takes on the "Ultimate Warrior" in the other. What a "stupid idea!"

Again, the movie "Buster" was a box office flop...but, "Two Hearts" (obviously) fared far better!

It was nominated for an Oscar for "Best Original Song." It lost to Carly Simon's "Let The River Run" from the "Working Girl" soundtrack.

As a side note, don't feel too bad for Phil...he won the "Best Original Song" Oscar in 1999 for "You'll Be In My Heart" from the "Tarzan" soundtrack.

"Two Hearts" DID win a Golden Globe for "Best Original Song" (kinda...it TIED with "Let The River Run").

In his acceptance, Phil Collins remarked: "I am very proud and pleased that 'Buster' is in some way represented tonight." He adds: "I had a great time doing it...it's just a shame that not more people saw the film."

Who says Phil Collins doesn't/can't have a sense of humor?

After all..."Life Is A Rat Race."  And...you did watch the videos, right?!

One more "Fun Fact:"

In "Buster," "Two Hearts" doesn't play til the end credits!

Phil's other hit from the movie (his remake of the "Mindbenders" 1960's hit) "A Groovy Kind Of Love" plays NEAR the end of the movie!


Phil Collins didn't want his singing to interfere with his character.


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