The "Fixx" rocks the Night Shift...I wrote this article for my friends in New Jersey in 2018...and am happy to update it, and share it with you, Night Shifters.

The "Fixx" is a British new wave/rock group that formed in London in 1979.

Our spotlight song is their biggest hit. And, there are "Fun Facts" to come.

First, a little band history.

"It's the FIXX, after New Jersey Fast Traffic!" (Craig Allen photo).
"It's the FIXX, after New Jersey Fast Traffic." (Craig Allen photo).

College buddies Cy Curnin (on vocals) and Adam Woods (on drums) called themselves "Portraits."

After placing a newspaper ad in search of new members...they recruited keyboardist Rupert Greenall, guitarist Tony McGrail, and bassist Russell McKenzie (who was later replaced by Charlie Barrett). Two songs were released on the Ariola label.

In 1980, McGrail left Portraits, and guitarist Jamie West-Oram came aboard.

Now, it was decided that "Portraits" sounded "hopelessly old fashioned." In hopes of finding a new moniker, lots of names were thrown about. Producer Rupert Hine liked the "Fix," as he was a pilot...and in the aviation world, to "get a fix" on something is a good thing.

So, Portraits became...the "Fix."

Under the new name, "Lost Planes" was released...(a later recording below)...

...which got some BBC radio airplay.

The added visibility brought a new label offer...with provisions...

MCA Records wanted to sign the guys, but they were worried about the name.


Drug connotations.

It MUST be changed.

Quickly, a compromise is reached: Another X is added, and the band has a new, big label, recording deal.

Shuttered Room (Craig Allen photo).
Shuttered Room (Craig Allen photo).

"Shuttered Room" would be the debut "Fixx" album in which point Charlie Barrett left the band...

"Reach The Beach" would be Fixx's most successful album...

"Reach The Beach" (Craig Allen photo).
"Reach The Beach" (Craig Allen photo).

...certified platinum (1 million in sales) by the Recording Industry Association of America, on January 5, 1984. The album includes "Saved By Zero" (#20/1983)


"One Thing Leads To Another," which landed at #4 on the Hot 100 in the fall of 1983.

Cy Curnin says our spotlight song deals with...politicians.

"If you are going to be a liar, you better be a damn good liar, and remember what you said, or the whole thing's gonna get pear-shaped."

In a 2012 interview, Curnin adds: "That was 30 years ago, and look where the system is now." Further: "A lot of people stand on ballot boxes and say a lot of things and lie in order to get elected and do nothing."

Therefore, Cy Curnin says "One Thing Leads To Another" is a song that he is "pretty proud of."

It's also a (Fun) fact that the video for "One Thing Leads To Another" came out at a good time...the early days of MTV.

Therefore, it was in heavy rotation...

This is all that is left of my MTV "swag" from back in the day. (Craig Allen photo).
This is all that is left of my MTV "swag" from back in the day. (Craig Allen photo).
loading... the Fixx a lot of stateside exposure. Just like Duran Duran, the Eurythmics, Soft Cell, A Flock Of Seagulls, and other British bands of the era...earning a place in our hearts and minds as singers of "Greatest Hits."

In fact, this British band had much more success in America, than at home...landing a total of 6 songs on the Top-40 chart.

That's right...the Fixx NEVER had a UK Top-40 hit.

We (New Jersey and America as a whole) show the love today, too.

"One Thing Leads To Another" is included on numerous 1980s compilation albums...

Count the compilation CDs! (Craig Allen photo).
Count the compilation CDs. (Craig Allen photo).

...and these are just the ones that I have in my personal music collection.

Have I missed any "Best Of 80's" Fixx-included compilations that you have seen, or own? Chime in. Inquiring minds (like mine) want/need to know.

But, I digress...

In the years after our spotlight song, more albums of new music would be produced every few years.

A rarity in Rock 'N' Roll, the original 4-man lineup (Curnin, Woods, Greenall, and West-Oram) would stay together all these years...with the help of a few contributing session artists, as well.

Longtime bassist Dan Brown rejoined the band in the Fixx celebrated 25 years of making music, with the release of a double-CD, "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Anthology."

And, with the classic lineup intact, the Fixx released their 10th studio album, "Beautiful Friction" in July 2012.

A new song "Wake Up" was released back in November (2021)

An album, "Every Five Seconds" is forthcoming.

So, what is the band up to now? They tour...all size venues...

Plus, the Fixx is active on social media. Check them out here.

One more Fun Fact:

On the subject of MTV, which was so instrumental in the Fixx early success, founder Cy Curnin says: "First time I watched MTV, it was early morning, (and) it was refreshing to see a video, instead of a cheesy infomercial." He adds that, finally, "Kids had their own channel...the first national music station, too, so a hit was a hit nationwide at the same time."

USA-wide, too, Cy.

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