Londonbeat is an England-based R&B/dance band that scored several top-40 and dance hits across Europe in the early 1990's...

Crank it UP, on New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).
Crank it UP, on New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).

...and scored one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" in the process!

Londonbeat is American (!) Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers from Trinidad, and Myles Kayne.

Former members include William Henshall (credited as Willy M), George Chandler and Marc Goldschmitz.

It's fun to note that Helms (from Florida), already had a successful solo career, plus, he sang on jingles made for use on British radio.

Londonbeat first grabbed the public's attention in Holland, where the single "There's A Beat Going On"...

... reached the Top-10, in 1988.

The "In The Blood" album was produced in 1990...

"In The Blood" album...back cover art, 1990 (Craig Allen photo).

and it would bring Londonbeat a world wide audience!

Londonbeat is best known for their 1991 international smash hit:

"I've Been Thinking About You."

One of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," the song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the Billboard Dance/Club Play charts in 1991!

More interesting "Fun Facts" on our "spotlight" song in a moment...

Londonbeat's next song "A Better Love" climbed into the 20's on the Hot 100 chart.

And while "Come Back" would halt its Hot 100 chart run at #62, it was #1 on the Dance Chart!

The album "Harmony" was released in 1992. "Londonbeat" followed in 1994.

The band mounted a comeback in 1995, when they entered the British bands competition in the "Eurovision Song Contest."

"I'm Just Your Puppet On A...(String)" didn't win the contest...and the song stalled at #55 on the British Singles Charts.

After a few years off, Londonbeat regrouped in 2003, and signed to a German record label.

The "Back In The Hi-Life" album, included some new tracks (that did not chart), along with new versions of "A Better Love" and "I've Been Thinking About You."

In 2011, Londonbeat was featured on two tracks of "The Crossing," an album by Brazilian composer Eumir Deodato.

Here's a Jersey-centric "Fun Fact:"

Deodato produced all the hits for Jersey's own "Kool & The Gang" between 1979 and 1982!

But, I digress...

As promised, back to "I've Been Thinking About You," Londonbeat's biggest single!

More "Fun Facts:"

It could have been a big hit, earlier!

A demo of the song was completed in 1987, and it made the rounds of the record companies, on cassette, as early as 1988!

"I've Been Thinking About You" was originally going to be included on the band's first album, "Speak," in 1988...but the record company advised the band to hold on to the song, until the time that Londonbeat could "develop an audience."

So..."I've Been Thinking About You" COULD have been an 80's hit record...!

Enjoy it...on New Jersey 101.5...and here at!

Check out the latest from Londonbeat, by visiting their official website here!

And, sing along with a few friends...I DARE (double dog dare) YOU!

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