What this "Big 80's" hit really means...may be different, depending upon WHO you ask!

The lyricist? The singer? The public (album & singles buyers and radio listeners)?

Welcome to the interpretive world of Rock 'N' Roll!

It's ON New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).
It's ON New Jersey 101.5! (Craig Allen photo).

With lyrics (as always) by Bernie Taupin, this smash hit off the "Two Low For Zero" album, is directed at a former lover.

Let's play #2 in the studio CD player! (Craig Allen photo).
Let's play #2 in the studio CD player! (Craig Allen photo).

Elton sings about how he is standing "strong" without this person.

The uptempo sound of the song makes it sound (at lest kind of) happy...disguising some rather dark lyrics and sentiment. Listen closely!

"You'll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use."


Maybe...look at it as a universal message/theme of getting over a tough breakup.

We've all been there!

SING along with the rest of the lyrics, from the CD booklet! (Craig Allen photo).
SING along with the rest of the lyrics, from the CD booklet! (Craig Allen photo).

And, while "I'm Still Standing" is seen as a statement of Elton John's strength...lyricist Bernie Taupin says that he wrote this hit song with a specific person in mind!

"It's perhaps one more example of the original idea being interpreted by everyone into something quite different." Taupin continues: "People see it as an anthem based on Elton's strong sense of survival...which...is perfectly fine by me."

Taupin says the public's interpretation is "infinitely more interesting, perhaps" than his lyrical motivation!

"I'm Still Standing" is "sort of a kiss off to an old girlfriend."

Bernie Taupin describes it as: "the sort of thing...'Don't worry about me, I'll be perfectly fine.'"

Regardless of interpretation, "I'm Still Standing" zoomed to #12 on the Hot 100 chart in 1983 (it went to #4 on the British Pop chart).

Propelled, in part, by heavy video airplay! More on that, in a moment...

Filmed in Cannes, and Nice, France...the video is...in the words of director Russell Mulcahy: "super, super gay."

Mulcahy, who had directed videos for Duran Duran, shot this video with Elton...and many painted young men (and women).

Elton brought suitcases full of clothes...allowing him to make many costume changes!

If you are a fan of "Dancing With The Stars," you might be interested to know that judge Bruno Tonioli appears in the above video...he's a dancer in a black leotard!

Yes, the video was seen a LOT on MTV...and it is believed that the colorful video introduced Elton John to a younger audience...and it proved that he was ready to embrace the new medium.

From a 2017 viewpoint, it may be hard to believe, but not ALL established music artists were too keen on making videos, back in 1983...

Being from England probably helped Elton, as videos were popular there...a few years before MTV became a sensation in NJ in 1981!

Rock ON...Sir Elton John!

(forward to 2:15 for our spotlight song...if you are in a rush...otherwise, relax and enjoy the whole "trip!").


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