This 80's new wave band formed in Boston in 1982...originally made up of bassist and vocalist Aimee Mann,  guitarist and vocalist Robert Holmes,  Joey Pesce on keyboards, and drummer Michael Hausman.

The band gained fame about 6 months after forming, when it won a local Boston radio station's new rock band competition, in 1983.

Their original song "Love In A Vacuum" got a good deal of airplay in Boston, and on the strength of the song, the band was signed to Epic Records.

"Love in a Vacuum" was re-recorded for "Til Tuesday's debut Epic album. But as it turned out, the breakout hit on 1985's "Voices Carry" album, was the title song!

til tuesday
"Voices Carry," 1985. (Craig Allen photo)

The "Voices Carry" single peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

It is said to have been inspired by an argument between Mann and Hausman, who had broken off a relationship just before the album's release!

"Rolling Stone" magazine would later print that Cyndi Lauper (also on the Epic label) had been interested in recording "Voices Carry." Imagine what it might have sounded like...

The "Voices Carry" video made the band an MTV staple.

It shows an oppressive boyfriend trying to convert Mann to his upper-class lifestyle. Finally, she lashes out at him during a Carnegie Hall concert (filmed at the "Strand Theatre" in Dorchester Massachusetts), standing up from her seat in the audience and belting: "He said, shut up! He said, shut up! Oh God, can't you keep it down...?"

"Til Tuesday won that year's MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist (1985).

As we've seen so many times before in Rock history, after first success, things start to unravel...

til welcome
"Welcome Home," 1986. (Craig Allen photo)

With the follow-up album "Welcome Home" (1986), Aimee Mann was beginning to write more of the songs...and the band was moving away from the slick, new wave sound of their debut.

The first single, "What About Love" generally got good reviews from the critics, but since it only went to #26 on the charts, it was considered a commercial disappointment. After all, the "Voices Carry" single had landed in the top-ten Likewise, the new album barely cracked the top-50 (The "Voices Carry" album placed at #19 by comparison).

The next single, "Coming Up Close" landed at #59 in 1987.

After the "Welcome Home" album's release Pesce left the band and was replaced by Michael Montes. Guitarists Jon Brion and Clayton Scoble also joined the group, but not as permanent members.

At about the same time, Mann's two-year relationship with singer-songwriter Jules Shear ended. They had been dating since the release of the "Voices Carry" album.

It is said that the breakup somewhat influenced 'Til Tuesday's final album, 1988's "Everything's Different Now."  Mann has insisted that not every song on the album was about the relationship.

While the critics liked it, "Everything's Different Now" was a commercial failure.

The album peaked at #124, while the single "(Believed You Were) Lucky" (co-written with Shear) could only manage to get to #95 on the Hot 100 charts.

'Til Tuesday essentially broke up at this point. However, Mann toured under the 'Til Tuesday name, with session players, as legal problems with Epic Records prevented her from beginning work on a solo record for several years!

Aimee Mann's solo career officially began in 1992. In the meantime, former 'Til Tuesday band mate Michael Hausman, became Mann's manager...and he still is, today!