Meet the band...before you see them Sunday night with Rick Springfield and the Romantics!

You probably know "Loverboy" best for "Working For The Weekend." Seeing as the band is from Canada, and people from all over the world made it a hit...its the "Multi-National Anthem" devoted to Saturday and Sunday!

Loverboy formed in 1979 in Calgary, when Mike Reno was introduced to Paul Dean at the "Refinery Night Club."  These Canadian rockers would rack up numerous hits in Canada and the United States in the 1980's, earning four multi-platinum albums, and selling millions of singles!

Band lore has it that the name was chosen while browsing through a magazine, where the guys spied a "Cover Girl" ad! Cover Girl became Cover Boy, and then...Loverboy.

After being rejected by ALL the American record labels, the new band signed with Columbia/CBS Records Canada. They went into the studio in March 1980, to record their first album...with Mike Reno on lead vocals, Paul Dean on vocals and guitar, Jim Clench (who was quickly replaced by Smith), Scott Smith on bass guitar, Doug Johnson on keyboards, and Matt Frenette on drums.

The self-titled album "Loverboy" sold so well in Canada in the summer of 1980...that an American release could not be denied! The Loverboy album debuted stateside in November 1980...and it would go gold, selling two million copies. In my opinion, two stellar singles were released:

"Turn Me Loose"  (#35/1981)

"The Kid Is Hot Tonite" (#55/1981).

In the meantime, Loverboy hit the tour circuit in a major way...putting on over 200 shows, with the likes of Cheap Trick, Bob Seger, ZZ Top, Kansas and Def Leppard!

Get Lucky, 1981. (Craig Allen photo)
Get Lucky, 1981. (Craig Allen photo)

In October 1981, while Loverboy was opening for Journey, their followup album, "Get Lucky" debuted.  It put Loverboy back on the radio, and on the singles charts!

"Working For The Weekend" landed at #29 on the Hot 100 in early 1982...and has become a Classic Hits and Album Rock staple in the years since. Of course, its one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits!"

"When Its Over" (#26/1982).

"Get Lucky" would go on to become Loverboy's best-selling album in New Jersey (and the U.S.), reaching #7 on the Billboard album charts, and selling over four million copies.

In Canada, Loverboy would earn six "Juno Awards" (Canada's highest award for music), in one year, a record that has yet to be broken! The band would later pick up an additional three Juno Awards, for a total of nine. This is the most Juno Awards received by a single group, or by an individual.

Loverboy's third album, "Keep It Up" hit record store shelves in 1983.

"Hot Girls In Love" became their most successful single to that date, reaching #11 on the U.S. singles charts. The video for this song, as well as for the follow-up single...

"Queen Of The Broken Hearts" (#34/1983) was very popular on MTV!

Remember when MTV meant "Music Television"? But I digress...

Now, Loverboy hit the concert stage again...

...this time as headliners!

In 1984, Loverboy recorded the United States Team Theme for the 1984 Summer Olympics.  "Nothing's Gonna To Stop You Now"  appeared (only) on the Official Music Of The 1984 Games.

"Metropolis" Soundtrack, 1984. (Craig Allen photo)
"Metropolis" Soundtrack, 1984. (Craig Allen photo)

Loverboy also contributed the song "Destruction"... the soundtrack of a re-edited version of the 1927 (silent) movie "Metropolis."

Loverboy album #4 "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" came out in 1985.

'Lovin' Every Minute Of It" (#9/1985)

"This Could Be The Night" (#10/1986).

"Top Gun" Soundtrack, 1986. (Craig Allen photo)
"Top Gun" Soundtrack, 1986. (Craig Allen photo)

In 1986, the band recorded "Heaven In Your Eyes,"  (#12/1986).

The song was featured in the smash movie "Top Gun." In an interesting side note, Doug Johnson refused to appear in the video, as he felt that the film glorified war.

The "Wildside"album was released in 1987.

"Notorious," a minor hit (#37/1987), has a Jersey connection. It was co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora!

The "Wildside" album was a sales disappointment.

Loverboy would call it quits in 1988, due to the departure of Doug Johnson...and over creative and personal differences between Paul Dean and Mike Reno.

But...that is certainly not the end of this rock 'n' roll story!

"Big Ones" (seen at the top of this article), would be Loverboy's first "Greatest Hits" compilation. Released in late 1988, it would fulfill the band's obligation to their label, Columbia Records.

Loverboy would briefly reunite in 1989, and embark on a tour to support  the "Big Ones" album. Geraldo Valentino Dominelli played keyboards, in the place of Doug Johnson.

Loverboy would break up again, at the end of the promotional tour.

In 1992, the guys would reunite for a Canadian charity concert, later saying that the concert was the most fun that they had in years!

Loverboy would go on to tour throughout the remainder of the 1990's (without Doug Johnson, who would rejoin in 1998). Sadly, in late 2000, bassist Scott Smith was declared dead, after being lost at sea.

On the album front, several "Greatest Hits" compilations would be released, to great acclaim, through the 1990's.

2001 brought the live album "Live, Loud And Loose." It consists of early live recordings from Loverboy's intensive touring years of 1982 through 1986.

2001 also brought another round of tours, dedicated to the late Scott Smith.

Loverboy celebrated 25 years together in 2005...on the road, touring.

2007 brought another studio album, "Just Getting Started."

The band was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame, during the 2009 Juno Awards ceremony.

Loverboy's latest album, "Rock 'n' Roll Revival," was released in 2013...

...and the guys just keep touring!

The Loverboy of 2015 features all of the original members, except Scott Smith, who was replaced on bass in early 2001 by Ken Sinnaeve (formerly of the "Guess Who").

Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, check out Loverboy's official site here!

Enjoy the show at the Arts Center, Sunday night, with New Jersey 101.5!