You've seen the pictures here at lines at the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Just recently, Deminski and Doyle were asking you if it's still "that bad" at the MVC.

I've been reading and watching (and listening), with apprehension, knowing it's time to get my car inspected.

With the COVID-19 shutdown, the MVC has been playing catch up, and "expiration dates" have been given extensions.

Shortly after the MVC reopened, I got my registration renewal in the mail. I promptly sent in my check, and a few weeks later...

Don't worry, my new registration WAS in the envelope. (Craig Allen photo).

...I got my new car registration back in the mail. No standing in line.

Then, it was time for some new tires...and replace my getting-noisier-by-the-day muffler. My mechanic said (at the time) I'd probably pass anyway.

I'm not taking any chances.

So, on a beautiful NJ morning (before more radio station work lands in my email inbox), I rush off to Flemington...

I'm going to get in the right lane. (Craig Allen photo).

...with my fingers crossed.

Time to...push the RED button. (Craig Allen photo).

It's ticket a good way.

With time stamped ticket in hand...

The line isn't too long. (Craig Allen photo).

...I join the line.

I've got to say that I've waited in longer inspection lines.

Waiting. (Craig Allen photo).

Is this my "lucky day?'

Dennis & Judi keep me company, while I wait in line. (Craig Allen photo).

The line keeps moving, as all three inspection lanes are open, in Flemington, on my chosen morning.

Almost there. (Craig Allen photo).

Now, I wonder...which lane/garage bay will I end up in?

My car is way back there. Will it "pass?" (Craig Allen photo).

As almost always...I'm waved into the "Heavy Duty" inspection bay.

And, I wait by the...

Just in case you're not sure. (Craig Allen photo). cone.

Even though I am in the more involved inspection garage...

He's putting the new sticker in my window. (Craig Allen photo). car is "good to go" quickly.

Big SIGH (of relief).

Total time: waiting in line, and "Heavy Duty" inspection...20 minutes.

The sticker is blue. I'm not. (Craig Allen photo).

I'm good for 2 more years.

F.Y.I. (Craig Allen photo).

One more thing crossed of my Heavy Duty "to do" list.