From time to time, I talk about it on-air on the weekends on New Jersey 101.5.

For the last couple years, I've been bowling in a league.

One of my "practice games" B.C. (Before COVID). (Craig Allen photo).

Before you get too excited, I'm not that good...just "average."

But I do have fun.

As I say, bowling proves that frustration can be fun (at times).

So, my team was in the middle of the standings, in March, when COVID-19 hit.

It looks like I'm the only person bowling, while I'm "practicing" Before COVID. (Craig Allen photo).

Then, word went out, that there would be no bowling for the next two weeks: March 19th & 26th.

My bowling bag has been sitting in the coat closet for months. (Craig Allen photo).

Now, it's the end of September, and I have picked up my bowling ball for the first time since March.

Ready to go... (Craig Allen photo).

In pre-game practice, the first ball I rolled...(since March)...was a strike.

Nice start. Right?

Fred and Barbara help our team effort. (Craig Allen photo).

As you can see from the photo at the top, a mask is mandatory.

All lined up...and focused on the pins I must take down. (Craig Allen photo archives).

This was the first week back...

Is this going to be a strike? (Craig Allen photo archives).

...and it feels so good.

No...but, you can see, I am going to get this spare. (Craig Allen photo archives).

Just one more bit of "normal"...

My game totals. I'm happy. (Craig Allen photo).

...returning to my life in the Garden State.

Huh? Mr Fix-It, on the job. (Craig Allen photo).

No, I'm not quite ready to mask up, and head back to the gym.

One step at a time.