TRENTON — A cow that broke free from a slaughterhouse was put down by police Friday morning when it resisted officers trying to corral it.

During the escape, the cow ran through a fence at the Trenton Halal Packing Company on Roebling Avenue in the Chambersburg section of Trenton around 9 a.m.

The cow made its way to South Olden and Cedar Lane just over the border Hamilton, according to Trenton police.

A New Jersey 101.5 listener said nine officers tried to wrangle the cow. Animal control and an official from the USDA were also on scene.

Police said the cow broke through another fence into a yard where Trenton and Hamilton police unsuccessfully tried to capture the cow.

When the cow couldn't be corralled a Trenton police officer fired a shot gun after the animal was deemed a threat.

City spokesman Gary B. Lawery said the cow, which weighed an estimated 1,000 pounds, was charging aggressively with people and police officers in the area.

Trenton Halal Packing Company
Trenton Halal Packing Company (Brian McCarthy)

“Once the cow charged through the fence into one yard, it was headed for another yard. The officers responded in a manner that prioritized the safety of those in the area. The officers are trained to ensure the safety of our residents from any immediate threat,” Lawrey said.

The packing company removed the cow from the yard.

No officers or residents were injured.

In 2015, a cow escaped the Trenton Halal Packing Company  and headed toward Route 295. It was shot with a tranquilizer gun and died shortly afterwards.

Jill Myra contributed to this report

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