If you didn't see our U.S. Sen. Cory Booker's disgraceful performance on Tuesday, it's worth a look.

Once again, his feigned outraged aimed only at bolstering his position as a presidential candidate in 2020 is not only laughably transparent, it's disgraceful and shameful.

It's not the first time in the last year that he has grandstanded in this fashion to pave his way to a presidential run in a few years. Last year, in an unprecedented move where a sitting senator testified against another sitting senator in a confirmation hearing for a cabinet position, he threw Jeff Sessions under the bus, insinuating he was a racist.

Just a year and a half earlier, he praised Sessions saying he was "blessed and honored to work with Sessions" on a bill giving marchers on Selma a Congressional Gold Medal. But no one in the media seemed to notice.

This time, he screamed at and berated Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen in a hearing about the President's foul language. Again, the media sits silently at this phony, pathetic attempt while deliberately attacking a woman who happened to be in the meeting.

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