You need not look any further than the arrest of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack last week to know that corruption is still thriving in New Jersey's political circles.

Some elected and appointed officials still have their hands out as they try to get rich from their jobs in public service. These are facts that are not lost on the U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey or the FBI.

"Time and again we have seen public officials in New Jersey who are all too willing to sell their power and betray the public's trust," says U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman. "There are people at every level of government, and it's very sad, who are willing to sell their power for money."

Mike Ward, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Newark office says, "Public service is not an open invitation to enrich one's self through illegal means…….The FBI will continue to develop insider sources and will utilize necessary surveillance technology in order to bring corrupt activities to light."

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was arrested at his home one week ago by FBI agents as part of a two-year and still ongoing federal probe into bribery, influence peddling, extortion and corruption. Mack's longtime campaign supporter and local sandwich shop owner Joseph Giorgianni and Mack's brother Ralphiel are also facing charges. Giorgianni is also a convicted sex offender, but has been a trusted supporter of Mack's for years.

Fishman says, "The drumbeat of those elected or appointed officials who are willing to betray their oaths and sell their offices remains all too loud."

Ward says New Jerseyans, "deserve far better than politicians and cronies who aspire to the Boss Tweed-style, Tammany Hall politics of patronage, graft, and corruption."