Oh, we're going to miss the Asbury Park Zombie Walk

Jason Meehan, organizer of the annual New Jersey Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, announced the 'death' of the annual event Thursday. New Jersey 101.5's been a regular participant of the yearly event, which Meehan says has just grown too big to sustain it. Our hosts cheered it on as it broke world records. Big Joe Henry's met plenty of undead friends doing his live broadcasts from the boardwalk (and like the zombies, he just keeps coming back).

But the event, sadly, is a victim of its own success.

We went looking around for some of the funniest, spookiest, coolest and kookiest photos and videos we could find of Zombie Walks past. We'll mourn it when it's gone. May it rise again.

Here's some of what we found. Show us more! Tweet your pictures to us @NJ1015 and we'll add them below.