PNC Bank Arts Center has made good on their promise to make it up to fans who got rained out of the Florida Georgia  Line concert by offering them lawn seats to an upcoming show this season, like I had suggested. Here's another suggestion, why not limit rain delays to an hour?

The Florida Georgia Line concert was stopped at 8pm. Somewhere between 9:30 and 10pm, a message was sent out that the concert would continue. That leaves the fans wondering and wandering for over 90 minutes afraid to leave for fear of missing out.

It's great for the venue because they continue to sell food and drink, especially if there are children involved, but not good for those who are in the dark and have to go to work the next morning possibly returning to a muddy lawn to watch a delayed show. In Philadelphia a Phillies--Dodgers game was held up 2 hours and 37 minutes!

By limiting the delay to an hour, fans will have a finite time as to when a decision will be made. Anyone who leaves after an hour, get a comp for a future show or game. This way, if the show must go on due to performer routing or scheduling, those that want to wait it out can, but it's now their decision.

There could be leeway if it's really clearing up at that point, but to make them just stay and spend concession money fearing that the event will go on and they could lose their ticket money is wrong. The one hour time limit, gives the fan some participation in the decision of whether to stay or go.

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