I was going to take the summer off from comedy, but my wife and kids want me out of the house. So, I've lined up three great shows this summer that you should come and see — if not for me, then for the people I'll be opening for!

This Saturday July 21, I'll be opening for the great Gilbert Gottfried at Joey Harrison's River House in Forked River. You may remember Joey's Surf Club in Ortley Beach, so the tradition lives on here. Every Thursday night they do great comedy, but this is a special Saturday show. I also caught up with Gilbert on the air on July 19 and it was absolutely hysterical.

On Aug. 10, I'll be with Bobby Collins at Catch A Rising Star in Princeton. Bobby is always hysterical, both on the stage and when he breaks my stones off of it, but that's another show.

On Sept. 1, there is no better way to laugh in the Labor Day weekend than with Bob Nelson. He will be at Joey Harrison's River House for another special Saturday show. I'd like to believe they do that because I'm on the radio Thursday nights!

Bob grew up loving Red Skelton and has been carrying on his tradition with several hysterical characters that have toured with Rodney Dangerfield in his prime, appeared on the Tonight Show, HBO, and has won an Emmy in Philadelphia for a children's show that he wrote and starred in. Trust me, he's hysterical!

Tickets for any of these shows can be purchased at catcharisingstar.com. Hope to see you there and laughing, especially when I'm on!

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