New Jersey-centric comedian Chris Gethard has a new project and it’s all about - you guessed it - New Jersey.

It is called New Jersey is the World and is part of several projects available on his Patreon platform.

The Patreon page for New Jersey is the World describes the project as “an umbrella of projects exploring, celebrating, and laughing at the culture of America's most ridiculous state. Spearheaded by comedian Chris Gethard, it gathers a bunch of Jersey guys who grew up together so they can combine forces in their quest to break down all things Jersey. And it also invites you, the public at large, to get involved.” You might notice he uses the word “ridiculous” to describe New Jersey; rest assured, he does it with love. He also says: “New Jersey is the greatest place on planet earth. This is an indisputable fact.”

There are three levels of membership available: the “287” level ($1 a month), the “Parkway” level ($5 a month), and the “Turnpike” ($10 monthly). The highest subscription gets you a members only episode of the podcast WOTOWN, (the WO stands for West Orange, his hometown), a segment of voicemails called “Voices from the Jughandle”, and New Jersey food reviews.

If his name sounds familiar, you might remember him from the Action Park documentary, or from his comedy album Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese. Here are his closing words from Patreon: “New Jersey is the best - a point of pride for its residents, and a source of fascination for outsiders. This project welcomes all with open arms as we get to the bottom of this great state.”

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.

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