It seems like everyday there's a new Winter Weather Advisory or snowstorm prediction. Are you starting to get used to frigid weather?

(Credit Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Though the weather outside is frightful, Judi thinks that the freezing cold is starting to suck less.

Recent snowstorms and chilly temperatures have been causing major problems for people across New Jersey: whether it's finding babysitters during school closings; car accidents from icy spin-outs; or making sure you get all the bread, milk, and eggs you can before the super market runs out.

Now that the weather has proven that it's here for the long-haul (Punxsutawney Phil confirmed that on Groundhog's Day), you've probably gotten into the habit of bundling up, salting the sidewalks, and shoveling your driveway... Is the frosty weather starting to grow on you? Are you beginning to hate cold weather less?

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