Move over, pumpkin spice cereal...

Halloween spice-y. (Craig Allen photo).'re so...October.

When it comes to "limited edition" or "seasonal" breakfast fare, I think that I may have found the ultimate on New Jersey grocery store shelves:

"The Official Cereal Of The North Pole" (Craig Allen photo).

"Elf On The Shelf" cereal...on the shelf.

I remember my niece, Emily, and her elf....

Uncle Craig and Emily, and friend (Bella), a few years ago. (Craig Allen photo archives).

For the uninitiated, the Elf is a "scout elf" who watches over the young child between Thanksgiving and Christmas, reporting back to Santa each night, all the activities of the day, good and bad.

The elf gets it's magic by being named, and loved, by the child.

I'm thinking that the cereal elf gets it's magic from milk.

So, is this cereal...flying off Jersey store shelves?

It's "way too good not to share." (Craig Allen photo).

And, if not...this elf has probably told Santa that I'm bad...because I didn'

Neither has Emily. Now, she's a "tween." The shelf-sitting elfin magic has passed.


But, there is good news. Just down the aisle, I see:

Scream like Buddy: "SANTA!" (Craig Allen photo).

I'm thinking that "Buddy" is more her style, this Christmas.

And, don't worry...Elf "magic" can take up space on your shelf...

This elf stays fresh on the shelf...for months. (Craig Allen photo).

...well past December 25th.