It's always the kids who suffer.... Governor Christie told Eric Scott on New Jersey 101.5's Ask The Governor that the public outcry over him being at his beach house during the July 4th weekend state shutdown upset his children more than anything else during his term in office. He says they blame themselves for the incident.

“They came to me and said, ‘It’s our fault, we should have just told you that we would have just told all of our friends to go away.’ And I said to them, 'no, this was my decision,'” he said.

In the media world, Chris Christie is money. Wherever the Governor goes or whatever he does, you follow him because you're probably going to get a story. Photographing him on the beach after he tells you he's going to be there is low hanging fruit.

Christie announced on the last ATG which aired a week before that he was going to be at the beach no matter what. It was a brilliant decision by whoever sent that photographer to fly over and take that famous picture. That photo has inspired the sand sculptures, memes and photoshops that have turned 2017 into the "Summer of the Christie Shutdown."

If I were that photographer, I'd come out with a line of tee shirts, dolls, and other boardwalk souvenirs.  That's what I would do.

Governor Christie wasn't the only one involved in the shutdown, but no one seems to care how senate president Steve Sweeney, or State Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto spent their weekend. In New Jersey it's all about Christie

I can't think of a governor who's spent more time in the spotlight, both locally and nationally. That's why I think his next move will be something media and not politics. I also wouldn't be surprised if the book that he one day writes becomes a movie. There's just too much of a story here for it not to. As for the kids, I'm guessing they'll get over it. Besides if they're upset about the publicity, remember what they say in media world: "any publicity is good publicity."

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