I feel sorry for governor's kids in the beachgate flap.

I've said over the years many times that it's not our job to make our kids HAPPY... it's our job to make them GOOD. And if we do our job correctly, the ultimate by-product of the goodness will be happiness. You get it? Still, like everyone else, I'm a softie when it comes to disappointing kids. It's hard to see them be disappointed and sad. And since I'm not a perfect parent, I have given in to my kids sometimes when I know I shouldn't have.

Perhaps that's how governor Christie felt when he told his children that though the state facilities were closed, that fateful weekend, their holiday at his residence at island beach state park would go on as planned. There are the logistics of it too, flying kids and friends in who have made the plans that would be very tough to change. Now that I heard him say the kids were the most hurt by the hullabaloo, I do feel for them.

Yes, it's true that the children of such a public figure have to get used to such disappointments, is not so sure any of us would've been able to cancel those plans. I know it's not popular to feel at al for the governor. Especially if you're part of the so called "mainstream media" (which I'm not).

But alas, Here I am again defending the governor. What can I say? Like I said when it comes to kids and their disappointments, I'm a softie.

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