As he continues to consider another presidential run, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is urging the Republican party to move on from the 2020 election and ditch the conspiracy theories.

Christie made his comments as part of the "A Time for Choosing" speaker series at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Sept. 2.

Although he didn't mention him by name, Christie was critical of former U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters.

"No man, no woman, no matter what office they've held or wealth they've acquired, are worthy of blind faith or obedience,” Christie said. "If the requirement in today's politics for getting your support requires bending to the will of any one person, rather than advocating ideas for the good of all people, then count me out."

Christie also took issue with what he views are the extremists in the party, calling on Republicans to repudiate the "demagogues, Q-Anon believers, and white supremacists."

"We need to renounce the conspiracy theorists and the truth deniers," the former governor urged. "The ones who know better and the ones who are just plain nuts.”

Once one of Trump's most vocal supporters, Christie has become one of his harshest critics. While some Republicans considering a run for president in 2024 have indicated they will wait and see if Trump seeks the nomination again, Christie has said he will not.

Christie is preparing to release a new book in November that he bills as a Republican rescue plan. He brings his tough talk and blunt analysis as a former federal prosecutor to bear in "Republican Rescue." He bills it as an "urgent guide for recapturing Republican glory and winning elections again."

His speech at the Reagan Library also served as a preview to the new book, as he urged Republicans "to free ourselves from the quicksand of endless grievances” and start telling the truth.

That, Christie said, "is what shows the American people they're in better hands with Republicans than they are with Democrats. All this lying has done harm to our nation, to our party, and to each other.”

You can watch a replay of Christie's speech below.

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