It’s not just happening in our state, it’s all over the country. People are choosing to stay home and collect government money rather than go to work.

You may experience long lines at restaurants or stores because some people would rather collect the government checks than go to work. Eventually the money will run out sometime after the summer, but this will leave a path of destruction in its wake. Higher prices, shortages of goods, and lack of services are on the way.

The problem will be growing because people like Governor Phil Murphy refuse to do anything about it. The reason might be that they would rather have a public dependent on the government, causing them to gain more power and influence and keep winning re-election. This is a very bad sign for the future of our state and our country. The problem is most people are too ignorant, stupid and lazy to realize the short and long-term effects of this.

Indications are that Murphy will win re-election even though he has put us on a path of decline that will last well into your children and grandchildren‘s future‘s if not reversed soon. I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for over 25 years about overreaching, out of control figure government and it’s only gotten worse. People seem to vote more with their emotions and their petty dislikes them with their head and any understanding of the constitution.

Many of the people who agree are generally optimistic people who want to see a good outcome in every aspect of life, but society is being crushed by ignorance, apathy and any kind of understanding of how this country was built and what it should stand for.

Every one of us has an obligation to study the issues before casting a vote in November. If you can’t see that this administration‘s philosophy and ideology rewards irresponsibility and punishes self-reliance and doing the right things, then I’m afraid we’re in for dark days ahead.

Murphy won’t be involved in a sex scandal, or any racist or insensitive remarks, so you’ll have to judge him on the actual job that he did. Unfortunately, most people just react to scandal, negative headlines or if someone acts too brash and is from the 'wrong' party. Wake up to the real issues or please stay home on Election Day.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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