A couple of local Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporters who were caught battling it out on air say, 'We're great friends!'

To which I say, “bull….!”

As Warner Wolf used to say, “…let’s go to the videotape!”, and see for yourself!

According to this:

Just hours after a collection of scathing criticisms and jabs between two on-air reporters took the Web by storm, both women are defending their relationship and behavior as just a bit of harmless "fun."

"I [really] adore Nicole, but some crazy fun editing put out a totally unreal spin," CBS3 Philly meteorologist Carol Erickson tweeted to fans concerned about the video showing her being berated by weekend anchor Nicole Brewer.

"If you know @CarolCBS3 and me, you know there's only love between us. So, we're going to keep having fun," Brewer tweeted late Tuesday night.

In the eye-popping video posted to YouTube last week, the meteorologist and former beauty queen anchor continually butt heads, with Erickson seeming to politely smile her way through Brewer's personal and work-related jabs.

Erickson finally appears to bite back in one last clip when she suggests her younger coworker has had too much to drink.

"Yes that was an interesting little exchange I'm sure she regrets, along with that last glass of whatever," Erickson says before continuing on to her weather report.

It was a CBS3 viewer and his wife who became so captivated by the pair's outrageous antics back in April that they decided to hit record.
Greg Strysky told the Daily News, "Every Saturday morning, we record the weather segments to see the fireworks,"

By Wednesday morning, Strysky's Youtube video compilations had been seen more than a million times with the help of website 2BucksEntertainment who published the popular near 3-minute flick.

Responding to the video's hype, Joanne Calabria, vice president of public affairs for the station, denied any rocky relationship between the pair on Tuesday.
She said they are good friends both on and off the air.

"This has obviously been edited out of context. Their relationship is actually the opposite of what is given in this video," she told the Daily News.

But any defense of Brewer's behavior was lost on many who viewed the clips themselves.

That included fellow Philadelphia reporter Howard Eskin from Fox29 who tweeted Erickson his support.

"I'm in biz. [that's] BS!" Eskin tweeted Brewer and Erickson, while referencing Brewer's earlier message about "only love between us."

"Nicole Brewer needs to give u respect," Eskin told Erickson.

Erickson wrote that though the clips "might not show" Brewer exactly treating her with respect, "She does!"

"I want people to love her too!" she said, while in another message to a concerned fan she described them as "great friends."

I, for one, ain’t buying it.

Good friends my ass!

Not to say that it’s impossible to become good friends with a close work partner.

But in many cases, the “good friends” part just doesn’t happen.

It’s when it boils over into outright hostility that it makes for great television.

Who were your favorite TV anchors or duos over the years?